Sumi’s Touch Online Full Spectrum Training

INSTRUCTOR: Sumayyah Franklin       
Assistants: Ajira & Dejanee

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Course description:

Sumi’s Touch Online Full Spectrum Doula training is intended for those who wish to gain the tools to serve as both a professional* and familial** doula. This course is a multifaceted completely online training course. This means that various mediums are used to capture a variety of learning styles and to make participants feel connected to the work and to one another. During the course we will use video lectures, demonstration videos for various techniques, documentaries, reflection questions, projects ( group and individual), virtual class meetings, art based projects, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, articles, and more. This course will cover hands on technical skills that are standards of the industry, traditional healing modalities, self care specific to birth work, invaluable resources, a over 60 page doula manual, contract templates, and starting a Business 101 tools. With over 40 hours of material given participants will walk away feel competent to serve their community as a doula.

*I consider a  professional doula someone who has a business and serves not only people they know but also strangers. They’re is usually a monetary exchange that is made for services. This person usually works full time as a doula or that is their goal.

**I consider a familial doula someone who serves within their community and usually people that they know. This person may or may not charge for services and typically has another job.

Learning Objectives:

  • Skills to deal with one bias’ triggers and ego

  • Understand the art of holding space, deep listening, and others triggers

  • Understand the history of birth in the United States, understand the current birth climate in the US, and begin to find ways of how individual can support a more optimal reality.

  • Understand the human female anatomy pertaining to being a doula

  • Understand the mechanisms of labor

  • Understand the signs of labor

  • Understand options for abortions and how to hold space for this process

  • Understand the options for miscarriage and how to hold space for this process

  • Understand the three stages of labor

  • Have a full toolbox of remedies and things to bring more comfort for pregnancy, birth and the pp period. This includes both food, tactile support, and traditional healing modalities and methods.

  • Understand how to support someone in navigating the medical industrial complex

  • Understand how to conduct an interview/ inquiry, prenatal, and postpartum appointment

  • Understand how to advocate for client

  • Understand how to support someone in finding the best decision for their self

  • Understand how to support with postbirth disappointment, regret, and trauma.

  • Knows when to and how to advise a referral during any part of the process

  • Knows how to spiritually and energetically  hold space via collective traditions and modalities.

  • Understands what tools they will need.

  • Knows how to take care of ones self

  • Knows how to prevent burnout and to see the warning signs

  • Knows how to cloak , or is aware of he concept to support with the practice of mastering this technique

  • Knows how to find evidence based current research for nothing them, their clients, and their clients practitioners or family.

  • Knows how to take care of a healthy infant up to 3 months.

  • Knows the warning signs during pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, birth of live infant, and postpartum of a complication and knows how to handle the situation whether there is a primary care provider present or not

  • Knows how to hold space for a precipitous birth if there isn’t a primary care provider present or if holding space for a free birther.


Sumi’s Touch Doula Manual. Each participant will receive a hard copy of the manual in the mail for the Active instruction period. This book was written specifically for the course and is over 60 pages full of tips tricks and tools of the trade!


  • Journal that is specifically for the course

  • Access to internet ( phone, tablet, desktop all will suffice)

  • Doula manual ( provided)

  • Rebozo ( will give link to purchase one) or a long strong cloth

  • Someone or people that you can practice hands on portion (adults are best)

Office hours:

I will be available via email to answer technical support questions. For questions specific to the material or if you will like to speak to a topic please wait for the zoom meetings. If you will like me to answer a questions anonymously during the zoom meetings please email me your question(s) 1 hour prior to the meeting starting.


You will receive the information needed via email to access the course work. This will consist of about 12 hours worth of work with the intention of getting everyone to a common start point. Some participants have been doulas for years while others just learned what a doula was a week before signing up. Therefore, as an instructor it helps me give everyone what they are seeking. During the two weeks you will:

  • Learn more about me as both a birthworker and instructor

  • Introduction to my teaching philosophy

  • Learn the basics of pregnancy

  • Learn about my philosophy

  • Learn foundational information regarding being a doula

  • Have full access to the glossary

  • Get a taste of my teaching style and give you time for adjustment need be

  • Learn more about each other

  • Have our first Zoom meeting (90 mins)

  • Watch 2 different documentaries

  • Write some reflection questions and take a quiz

  • And so much more!

3 Week Active Phase

This material is what I give before the in person training as well. It allows us to go deeper and for me to share with you all more information that isn’t so easy to access on your own.

Active instruction: You will receive an email giving you all the steps to access the full course. The course material will be via teachable, just as the prerequisite is. The course will look the same and follow the same flow but will have much more information. This portion will consist of 35+ hours of work. During these two weeks you will:

  • Have a personal journal for prompts that i will provide

  • Watch multiple documentaries

  • Watch lectures of me on various topics

  • Watch videos of me demonstrating hands on techniques

  • Watch birth videos

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Read articles and research papers

  • Answer reflection questions

  • Take quizzes on covered material

  • Receive your doula manual

  • Art project

During this time I will host 3 Cohort Meetings via Zoom that will be 90 mins long.

The idea is that you get through the suggested modules provided via email and we will discuss via Zoom. This is the time for me to anonymously answer questions regarding the material as well, so everyone can learn. We will also dig deeper into topics and I can provide some context if anything needs it. My assistants will be on this call as tech back up support (Incase my call drops) and so you can get other perspectives.

There will be a provider panel so you can meet other doulas and birth workers in the community and get a different perspective than just my own. You will be able to ask them questions and hear wisdom from them. This panel will be on to the public at a small donation. ( Date TBA)

Latent Phase

The Latent Phase will give you an extra 2 weeks to complete the over 35 hours of coursework. At the end of this two weeks you will no longer have access to the course and instead receive access to a secret google drive folder with resources for post-training, a secret facebook group, and google+ group for alumni. For those who complete all of the course work, they will receive a certificate beautiful enough to frame for proof of completion. *this is not a certifying certificate*

Thank you for reading of the syllabus and class schedule! If you have any more questions please email me: