Thank you for choosing Sumi’s Touch

Our course are ran through Teachable and Zoom. Each module within the course focuses on a particular topic. Some modules have videos, others text, while almost all consist of reflection questions. Our zoom meetings are every Sunday 9-11am pts. The live video Zoom meetings will include lectures, activities, reflection time, and an opportunity to generally get to know one another. All of the zoom meeting will be recorded and shared within the Teachable course. At the start of class I will pair you each up with an accountability partner. This will be a random draw. Our goal at Sumi’s Touch is that you feel a sense of connection and revere this work as sacred. Our Teachers Assistant conducts weekly study groups Wednesday’s 6-8pm pts. These group are available to deepen your understanding, support with completing the material, and to appease various learning styles.

For the in person training I will give the class access to the online prerequisite two weeks prior to us meeting. It should take you 10-12 hours to complete it.

Still have question? Check out the FAQ page on my website.
If we didn’t cover your question, please feel free to reach out to us via email