Sumi's Touch

As your birth doula I will provide 2 - 3 prenatal appointments in a place that you feel the safest. 


Each prenatal will be a custom made birth with postpartum preparation classes, emotional support and consist of trust building activities for us as a team. From the moment the contract is signed I will be on call for you 24/7. 

Once you are in labor I will come to support you in any way that you need. This may include but is certainly not limited to: cooking, setting the ambiance, running a bath, filling the birth tub, making sure your bag is packed with everything you need, supporting to ease your nerves, massaging you, making suggestions when appropriate, reassuring you of what normal looks like, identifying the perfect time to call your midwife or to transfer to your birthing facility.

I will stay with you for the duration of your labor. No matter if it's 3 mins or 3 days, never charging more for longer labors. I will stay with you for the immediate postpartum for about 4 hours. During this sacred time i can support in advocating for you, educating you on procedures, infant feeding support, and cleaning. Please inquire about sliding scale opportunities. 

RATE: $1,850

My experience with Sumayyah was heaven sent. As a first time mother I was unaware of my options but equally determined to having a natural birthing experience. After sharing my ideal birth Sumayyah put me in contact with various midwives and healers. From there the magic began. Throughout the pregnancy Sumy and I were in constant communication, and she was very attentive to me physical and emotional needs. Whenever I had a question she was open to answer or refer me to someone/something to reference. The abundance of information I obtained allowed me to be confident with my ability to have a beautiful birth.

As your postpartum doula I will support you through the transition into parenthood.

I have supported many people in the postpartum journey. My goal is that every client feels like they have ample amount of support. This way they can be the best parent to their child, whether it's their first or tenth. I have experience with singletons, twins, post cesarean birth,preemies, breastfeeding support, postpartum depression, attachment parenting, sleep guidance, and more!! My approach is both intuitive and evidenced based. I require a 4 hour minimum for all visits. You can hire me prenatally or even once baby has arrived! I work with little ones up 6 months.

Rates : $40/hr

There are so many things that stand out for me about Sumi’s doula care. The fact that she provides perinatal care is amazing. She was there for me not only during my labor and delivery, but supported and held me during my prenatal and post partum periods. I remember after my seed came earth side we were having trouble with latching. I was exhausted and crying and Sumi spent hours with me reassuring me, giving me comfort, and teaching me different breastfeeding techniques.”
— Michelle Neil

I am enrolled into National College of Midwifery (NCM)  

I am a senior student midwife focusing on my primaries to help me graduate and become a California licensed midwife. I work with Andrea Ruizquez cpm, LM of Partera midwifery. Our practice is based in Oakland, Ca and we love being midwives! She would be present for all prenatal visits, the birth, and postpartum visits. I have attended over 500 births and feel excited to serve you! We only offer home birth.Feel free to contact me to set up a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have.

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