Connecting with the orgasm: learning how to truly let it go

Join us for an intimate night with Sumyyah "Sumi" Franklin and Liceth Quinones , discussing how to use pleasure as a form of healing from sexually induced trauma (including birth, abortion, miscarriage). We will explore ways in reclaiming our power using our oragsmic energy. 

Sumi is the foundress of Sumis Touch And is a midwife based in Oakland,Ca. She travels globally connecting with traditional midwives and doing work to support in birth being safer for all, especially African descendants. Liceth is an Afrocolombian traditional midwife since she was 13 years old. She is the co-director of an organization of over 200 traditional midwives called ASOPARUPA, in Buena Ventura, Colombia. She has dedicated her life's work to the preservation of ancestral medicines and practices. 

Both Sumi and Liceth will lead this workshop. They look forward to creating a safe space for all of us to share and heal with one another. 

Friday May 10th, 2019 6PM - 10PM at Queen Hippie Gypsy, 337 14th st. Oakland, Ca