Birth Worker Retreat

Sumis Touch retreat is a 3 day weekend intended for new and experienced birth workers alike. We will dive deep into self care for birth workers, hands on techniques, body work for clients, ceremony/ritual, business tips, and much more. Each participant must have taken my doula training or another full spectrum training. If a participant has taken another full spectrum training they must purchase my doula manual and take a short competency test before attending. We will retreat in a beautiful location in the Oakland area. All meals will be provided and catered. Children are most welcome and childcare will be available for an additional cost. Guest speakers will grace our presence throughout the weekend so that participants can receive different perspectives, teaching styles, and to build community. At the end of the retreat we hope that each person walks away feeling deeply connected to what birth worker means to them, gained practical hands on skills, and feel more connected to community. Who knows you may meet your birth worker bestie!

Aug 30th - Sept 1st 2019 / oakland, ca
registration fee, $1,350


*photographs by Karissa Rary